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I got to meet a lot of college coaches, I bonded with my friends, made some new friends, and got to see different colleges outside Asia. We always jammed music in the car, I helped put my friends make up on, we had fun writing summaries together, we thought of different ideas, and tried to help each other. I noticed learned that college golfers are also really good students, and I now know that I need to study more and practice more to get myself prepared. The tour was fun and memorable! Having the chance to play at the Yale courts was really amazing!

I was able to learn from all these top university coaches, like Coach Paul at Brown who taught us about directionals. Silver Series Tennis Camp - India.

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Gold Series Tennis Camp - Manila. Gold Series Tennis Camp - Singapore.


They should be big enough to scare you half to death. Take two people who go to the same party. He says that the party was awful because all he saw were people arguing. What you focus on, you get more of.

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You focused on it. Similarly, people who dream big are focused on those dreams. They live and breathe those dreams. They have wild-eyed fantasies about those dreams coming to fruition. They steered towards them, even in the difficult times when it seemed like they were just going to crash and burn.

Of course, nothing worthwhile will ever come easy, but focus is a key reason why some big dreamers are able to achieve outlandish results. Even with all the naysayers and negativity that surrounds them, they push through. It will help to adjust your way of thinking to push you forward rather than hold you back. Ignore the naysayers.

There will always be naysayers. The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. But, without delving into a discussion about the enormity of things beyond our understanding, one things is clear: the mind is incredibly powerful. When you dream, you hold fast to ideas that live in your conscious mind, but also find their way into your subconscious mind. Those thoughts control your every moment and movement in life.

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So, those thoughts much of which are occurring on the subconscious layer of your mind have an enormous impact on your life. When you dream big, your thoughts are steeped in abundance rather than lack. Some dreamers know that in order to realize their dreams, they need to improve their lives. Self-improvement becomes more of a necessity and less of an option. They need to improve and move forward, rather than continue on the same path and be left behind.

Dreamers know that as a fact. But it takes a certain type of dreamer — one that can realize his or her full potential — to turn dreams into a reality. I know, I know. Failure is painful. But those are failures have served me rather than hindered me. I grew mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

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I experienced physical pain, but came out metaphysically ahead. But it does. Dreamers recover from failure quicker than ordinary people. Because they dream big.

After the initial upset and pain wash over, they pick themselves up and brush themselves off, and they try it again. Lorenzo Santillian Angelica Hernandez Herself Tori Glawe Osborn Judge as Tori Osborn Menzer Pelivan Herself Jeff Rojo Robotics Engineer Christopher Studenka Robotics Judge Haley Tibbs Taglines: A heartfelt story of human ingenuity.

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